Office Supplies – Release Your Inner Artist

Your last delivery of stationary supplies probably didn’t fill you or your colleagues with artistic fervour and creative ambition. But that’s all about to change, now you can see what’s possible with a few supplies and a bit of motivation. (Please note: we do not accept any responsibility for time wasting or rapid consumption of stationary supplies…)

Time flies

Did you know there are 120,000 species of flies? Well, now there’s one more, in the shape of some creatively twisted paperclips! Making a few of them in different colours helps them seem a bit friendlier, too…fly paperclips


Build your own New York (or Barnstaple)

Contemporary artist Peter Root likes to make extraordinary landscapes out of ordinary substances (bars of soap and potatoes have also featured). He uses staples to make an amazing metropolis – but there’s no reason why you can’t start with a street or two, and see how the office supplies hold up.

Buildings made from staples


My kid could draw that!

Delicately crafted sculptures are all very well, but maybe you’ve only got a five-minute break. So why not just draw on some arms and legs? It doesn’t take much to give a paper-clip some character:

paperclip love


Total (e) clips of the art

What do you have in common with Pietro D’Angelo? You may not be a handsome and successful Italian sculptor, but you probably do have access to lots and lots of paperclips. And as you can see, that might be all you need…

man with pipe made from paperclips

Sharpen up


Some companies like to think they’re too hi-tech to bother with anything so antiquated as pencils. Well, more fool them – how on earth do they expect to fashion these attractive pencil-shaving sculptures by Helga Nicolas.

pencil shavings sculptures


Get to the point

Miha Artnak is a European artist who’s created some striking visuals across many different media. This cactus made of pins is one of the few you can try to copy (even if you aim for a desktop version). Place next to the water cooler for maximum irony.

Cactus made form pins


I write for KN Office on a range of topics; stationery, paper shredding and just about anything that you can find in your office.


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