3 ways a holiday benefits your work productivity

  1. When you come back you realise that no one can do your job as good as you, however they have done your job

It doesn’t matter how selfless you are as a person it is still inevitable that you believe you are the best person for the job you do. You’re not wrong either as the way you carry out tasks will be slightly or extensively different to how somebody else does. Although, have you ever looked back at a time when you have covered for somebody and just- got on with it.  As humans we are capable of doing literally anything we put our mind to. It’s good to keep this in mind when your anxiety builds while making a to-do list for your colleague or when you’re on holiday.

Another thing to keep in mind is that praise from your employer may trigger your brain to think the exact opposite to what it should. Your brain is likely to think ‘wow if I am doing so well I need to ensure I stay in work and get better’ whereas it should think ‘I deserve a well-earned break for this’. It is not surprising that employers give more praise near holiday season and tend not to ask about anybody’s holiday plans. Check out this survey’s findings for hard evidence of this crime.

gardens of italy

Source: Gardens of Italy

  1. You get time to miss your email account

For anyone who has a love for receiving emails then this doesn’t apply to you- said no one EVER. Missing your email account doesn’t occur when you’re aware that you have hundreds of emails to go back to. To actually miss your email account you need to get downright clear with what you want your sender to do, if they are sending you an email.

Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington has the ultimate email strategy if you are going away. It involves letting your senders know that their email will be deleted if it is not deemed important enough and even if it is they will be given an alternative contact to send it to. To read more about it click here.

Steven Poole wrote a great article about holiday emails in which he talks about preventing mixed messages. His personal anecdote about this was rather comical, as it shows how we can become ever so detached from the feelings of others.

  1. Time with friends and family can help you remember who you are, which isn’t a robot

Some of us at times can start to contract myopia in regards to who we are when we spend too much time at work. Understandably you may not feel like your family really defines who you are or helps sustain it, although it is rather common that your friends do. When you go on holiday and people around you say things like “your great with the children” or “I’ve missed your humour” and you converse in conversations that are not possible when at work. That is when you sub-consciously gain all of you back which you can then give 100% of, to whoever you are with.

robot workers                                         Source: Justin Morgan


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