11 Reasons Intensive Driving Schools Exist

Did you ever revise so much for an exam that you were just sure you were going to ace it? Then got a higher score in the exam you hardly revised for. Sometimes when you have a lot of time to dwell on whether you are going to pass something- it can make you perform worse. If you believe you possess this trait, getting in contact with an intensive driving school may be a good idea.

Instead of this post talking about the good and bad points of using an intensive driving school as many posts do, this post suggests why a crash course may be a wise choice for some people.

I bet you can relate to a few!

1.      We all know the feeling

driving tweet

Public transport in some areas is ‘quick, efficient, and relatively odour free’, said nobody ever. If you’re starting to despise public transport, book in with an intensive driving school and you could pass in a WEEK! The intensive driving school my daughter went with have a really high pass rate, which is something to look out for.

2.      Sutton Coldfield learner driver fails driving test 35 times

surprised cat

The motorist who is the star of this news article has been learning to drive for five years, and finally passed his driving test on his 36th attempt. In total he has spent £2.2K on learning how to drive. Check out the full record of his driving test attempts, which takes up a whole web page and more!

3.      Kid fails driving test 5 times in one day while on cell phone

no phone use while driving

Check out this YouTube video of a guy who fails his driving test five times in one day because he gets out his cell phone whilst taking his driving test and decides to record his instructors reaction – safe to say the instructor wasn’t too pleased, his reaction is priceless and makes for comedy gold.

4.      Ultimate ‘failed again’ tantrum

This vine is rather distressing, but you can’t help chuckling a little. It is good to remember that not everybody passes first time. Remember to book your test again as soon as possible! We have faith that you’ll pass in no time at all.

5.      I’m lovin ’it!

driving test tweet

McDonald’s does numb the pain for a while, but imagine if you could drive there yourself and numb the pain forever.

6.      This guy gets it


McDonald’s can help solve everything (allegedly), once you pluck up the courage to book your driving test. Don’t keep putting it off, just do it. Grab that crash course or those driving lessons by the horns and get your four wheels down to a McDonald’s drive-thru.

7.      Some do, but it’s OK- you’re not a failure

driving test tweet

Nobody in this world needs that many driving lessons. You may need 10 or more driving lessons, sometimes driving lessons can become very time consuming and expensive so if you are short of money and time, it may be best to take a crash/intensive driving course.

8.      How slow can you go, apparently too slow

driving test tweet

Beware of your speed when driving, people often forget that driving to slow can aggravate and annoy other road users causing them to take risks which is something that a driving instructor will penalize you for. We recommend you stick to the speed limit and adjust your speed accordingly.

9.      Shut the front door

amazing car available after test

If you’re financing your own first car don’t worry there’s cheaper cars out there. On the other hand, I commend anyone who is having their parents pay for their first car and has just recommended that they buy them this beauty.

If you are actually able to purchase this, then I think we can all agree that this is all the motivation you should need to pass your driving test now or in the near future.

10.      Time is ticking away

momentum 4

If you get to a point in your life where you decide that being able to drive is now essential, it can be a trouble finding the time. Some people feel that once you reach a certain age it becomes impossible to pass, which is certainly not true. Checking out intensive driving schools near you and driving schools that offer lessons, is a good idea because you can decide which option is more suited to your budget, working hours and urgency to pass.

11.      End of the three point turn

three point turn driving test tweet

three point turn driving test tweet

three point turn driving test tweet

These tweets say enough about the dreaded three point turn, which in a few months could be a thing of the past for learner drivers!  Take a read of this article here for more info about it. This is the perfect opportunity to get prepared for your intensive driving course and book straight in for your test just in time for the abolishment of the dreaded three-point-turn.

Hey I’m Joseph O’Brien and I like to get the human point of view on the issues of all ages.


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  1. Great post ! Funny stuff but too true 👍🏻😀


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