Think Outside the Box: Your Alternative Stag Weekend Ideas for 2016

Ok so there’s the strippers and the pranks, but what about some of the other cool things you can do on a stag do? What about some extreme river rafting or a rock star recording studio experience? Don’t get stuck in the predictable stag-do rut: think outside the box with these expert suggestions for alternative things to do on your 2016 stag weekend.

Pumped-up Parkour

Parkour, first developed in the 80s, gained popularity in the 90s and 2000s. It started off mimicking military style obstacle courses, but quickly developed into a slick urban sport of its own. It basically involves jumping over obstacles in an urban setting, and can often be quite dangerous.

Parkour activities are great for stag do, as you can do them pretty much around any city. Worth getting a proper instructor though, so it isn’t just a bunch of guys hopping over metal fences feeling silly.

Expert tip: You won’t be able to drink and parkour (obviously) so schedule it in early on to avoid any unnecessary trips to A & E.

River Rafting

Obviously you’ll need to be near a fast-moving river for this one, but river rafting is a really great adventure activity. Nothing like the power or rushing water to get your adrenaline pumping. The great thing about rafting is that you can work as a team, and you’ll have plenty of crazy stories to tell afterwards over a few pints.

Expert tip: Get someone to take photos from the shore so you can have some memories of your river adventure.

On the Hunt

There are a two ways you can approach hunting: you either go for the old school gentlemanly vibe, or go for a frenetic zombie/werewolf type hunt. Whether you’re shooting (clay) pigeons or tracking down werewolves, hunting will bring out everyone’s primeval side (in a good way). A great ice breaking activity, hunting is big for 2016.

Expert tip: Always be safe when handling firearms, and keep drinking and shooting to a minimum for obvious reasons.

Great Golf

Beautiful greens and peaceful surroundings make golfing the ideal stag do activity for the stag who does not fancy pounding booze-soaked allies. Not just about funny looking clothes, golf is serious sport; and golf resorts are often set in some of the most beautiful (and exclusive) locations of the world. This is one for the discerning stag, and you’ll have plenty of fun teeing off the green.

Expert tip: Make the dressing up a fun challenge to add some humour to the day.

Decked Out as Drag Queens

Drag queens and drag acts vary in quality, but there are some great acts out there that are guaranteed to leave you in stitches. You might even be able to blag a special number for the stag, getting him up on stage and involved in the drag act. You never know, maybe you could all join in and be drag queens for the night?

Expert tip: If dressing up is involved, make sure no one has any hang-ups about it. It’s all good fun after all!

Beat the Clock in an Escape Room

These have been becoming increasingly popular recently, and escape rooms are a great way to live out some high-octane action fantasies in real life. Different escape rooms operate on different terms, but they all involve the group working together on a set of challenges, against the clock, to get out of the room. Similar to the cult TV classic Crystal Maze, escape rooms will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Expert tip: Make sure you book with someone reputable who offer you a decent amount of time to get through the challenges: one hour is the absolute minimum.

Murder Mystery

Are you Hercule Poirot, or more of a brooding Nordic detective? Either way, a murder mystery roleplay might be just the thing for you. Murder mysteries come in varying sizes and levels of sophistication, from posh dinners at country houses to things put together especially for you and your group. Murder mysteries are fun, and appeal to a wide range of people, so are a great option if you’re trying to please many people at once.

Expert tip: Really strapped for cash? With a couple of lads you could organise your own murder mystery- just be ready to really throw yourself into the roles!

Surf on the Sands

You’ll need some sand dunes (Devon and Cornwall would be good) and some boards for this. Trying out something new like sandboarding is the perfect summer stag activity, and you’ll all enjoy chucking yourselves off the sandy dunes. You can get instructors to show you the ropes, and then continue with some more sandboarding, before having a big fire on the beach with some bevvies.

Expert tip: Combine sandboarding with some surfing or bodyboarding on some of England’s most beautiful coastlines.

Extreme Camping

This is basically intense, survivor style camping, modelled on the Australian outback. What could be better than being in the wilderness with your mates, struggling to survive and learning how to live off the land? Many different options here, from a self-organised wild camping weekend to an instructor style intense challenge: just make sure you organise plenty of activities and challenges to keep things interesting.

Expert tip: Choose the location carefully, and make sure people pack warmly if you will be sleeping outside.

Party with the Romans (or the Aristocracy)

The true origins of a debauched dinner lie with the Roman Republic, but the Medieval nobles also knew how to throw a mean banquet or two. What could be better than getting dressed up with your mates and travelling back in time to see how people used to party back in the day? Plenty of rich food, alcohol and wacky entertainment are a must!

Expert tip: Try some of the more ‘exotic’ Roman and Medieval dishes, though you might only get people to try them under duress.

Live out your Rock Star Fantasies

Whether you have a musical stag or not, the chance to record a song together is a truly unforgettable experience. Getting in to a real recording studio and being treated like a bonafide star is something that you won’t forget in a hurry. And you’ll have the recording to take away with you at the end of the day as a brilliant memento.

Expert tip: Combine the studio experience with a cool dress code, some classy cigars and lots of whiskey to really start living the rock and roll lifestyle.

Mix It Up    

If you really don’t want to do a ‘typical stag do’, then don’t. There are plenty of activities out there for you to try. Get members of the both sexes involved, break all the rules and have a party that you will be talking about for the next decade, for all the right reasons.


Have you got a unique stag do idea? Tell us yours below.


Hi, I’m Lucy Webster and I am working as a freelance writer. I love to blog about a tonne of creative stuff, including business, media and the arts. I’ve just started my own writer’s blog here.




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