5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Massage Today

I’m still amazed by how many people have never had a massage. There are so many positive health and mental benefits to having a massage, for me it’s a no-brainer.

I do understand that we all live busy lives, and it’s easier said than done to just book a pampering massage session. Especially if you have never had a massage before, it can feel a little intimidating. But by the end of this article my goal is to have you Googling the nearest spa to you and booking a massage. There is absolutely no way you will regret it! Here are 5 of the most compelling reasons to get you booking that massage session:

Massages Help You Sleep Better

If you struggle to sleep well, you will know all too well how this can have a negative effect on your health and day-to-day life. It’s horrible feeling run down and not having lots of energy because you’re not getting quality sleep.

The relaxation experienced from a massage doesn’t end when you leave the spa. Hormone levels and delta waves in the brain are increased, helping you relax and sleep better at home.

Massages Help Relieve Pain and Treat Muscular Injuries

Do you have a sporting injury that’s bothering you, like a bad shoulder, or knots and pains in your muscles? A massage will work these problems out, just be sure to discuss the problems with the therapist before the treatment. Massage is also a solution for people suffering with chronic pain. Discuss this as an option with your doctor if you want a referral. Or you can talk with a spa as to which treatments will help your specific condition.

Massages Helps Relieve Stress

If you have a hectic home life or a stressful job, a massage will help let all those worries drift away. Ignoring stress doesn’t do anything to help, it just allows the symptoms to worsen. I’m not saying massage is a replacement for medicines, but it is a wonderful complement to any other treatments. With all the other feel good benefits you sure to leave the massage table feeling a lot less stressed than when you arrived.

Massages Help You Look and Feel Younger

This is a pretty good incentive, right? Massaging muscles in the face and neck stimulates the blood flow and softens the effects of wrinkles. The increased blood and oxygen flow to the areas being massaged stimulates the body’s natural self-healing process. Giving you a glow on the outside and a warm feeling on the inside.

Massages Are a Great Way to Pamper Yourself and Others

We all deserve to pamper ourselves once in a while. So book a massage and treat yourself to a wonderful, rejuvenating, relaxing experience. It doesn’t have to be a solo experience either. Why not go with a friend or family member. Some spas allow you to both be in the same room so you can chat and go through the experience together. Handy for first-timers that are a bit nervous.

There are a lot more emotional, spiritual and holistic benefits to having a massage. It’s hard to really put into words just how good you will feel. So do yourself a favour and book a massage session.

Jessica Fuller blogs at foryourmassageneeds.com covering everything you would need to know about different types of massage, tools and equipment, and other alternative health related topics.


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