A Guide To Collecting Coupons and Comping

Here’s an online guide to couponing or as it’s also known- comping. You may wish to utilise Tesco’s fine deals, Sainsbury’s or the expertise of Money Supermarket. With the access to the Internet you are privy to an abundance of fantastic offers and great value but we give you five simple steps and resources to amplify good into amazing value.

 First of all why do this through the internet and not stick to your trusty paper based coupons? Well- things have came a long way since then and you no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of having your vouchers rejected at the till. There are plenty of beneficial ways to use the web but we save you the time of searching through unnecessary websites. As you may have already noticed, there are a number of websites that attract your attention only for you to click an inactive coupon. Get valid coupons and offers with some of the links we provide.

Here are a few tips and steps when comping:

Use Loyalty Schemes

 Being a loyal customer is something that should be rewarded and it often is, so if there’s a shop most of your items are bought from, go to the retailer and discover their scheme.

  • If it’s Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Asda, then click our links and find out more on Clubcards, Nectar and Asda Points.
  • These types of cards and points make collecting your money’s worth easy. You don’t have to remember to take anything in apart from a card attached to your keys. It’s so simple!

Referral Schemes

You’d be surprised with how much you can actually save in all aspects of your life. Each element of your shopping routine will benefit from you being money conscious, that goes without saying. But you really can save money with the different schemes out there.

  • Integrate your Clubcard- Tesco offer club points when you refer someone to Tesco Bank.
  • Alliance Trust offers you £50 Marks & Spencer vouchers when you refer a friend to open an ISA or other accounts.
  • You can also receive up to £30 when referring someone to use Top Cashback.
  • You should always keep a look out for referral options, as you make money by simply spreading the word!

 Price Comparison

 Price comparison websites were met with open arms when they were first released. What have you got to lose using these types of websites?

  • You can compare every price in the market and select the cheapest one
  • You have ways of being rewarded when using these websites for instance you can get cashback at Top Cashback when using Money Supermarket or Go Compare.
  • You can compare a whole industry of retailers with insurance for homes, cars, pets and health.
  • Ensure you have the best offer around when you search for your quote, service or products.

Stay Organised

 Getting into routine makes the whole process much easier. The last thing you want to do before carrying out your shopping is visit several websites. That’s why we simplify the procedure with easy steps for you to take.

  • When physically shopping, be sure to carry your Clubcard or Nectar card at all times then present it at the checkout.
  • If you are online shopping then you slightly vary your itinerary.
  • For opening banks or getting tips on insurance use Money Supermarket.
  • If you want a quote on your insurance then you should be using Go Compare as well.
  • You should also keep your Clubcard or Nectar card close by when shopping online at supermarket websites.

Okay, so what routine should we stick to.

  1. Your first port of call should be the charity friendly voucher site in My Favourite Voucher Codes. They have over 4000 merchants and even offer deals on Top Cashback, Tesco, Miss Selfridge, Boohoo and many other famous retailers. Keep their tab loaded up for later.
  1. Hopefully you have been able to activate a code for Top Cashback. You can then use them to go further as you will collect money in your account everytime you make a purchase. You can get up to 100’s back from the likes of Sky, Aviva and others.
  1. You then use your Clubcard, Nectar cards and Asda points.
  1. You still have the first tab from the voucher website, you can then use their codes to activate other deals and percentages off when you reach the checkout of wherever you are doing your shopping.

Integrating Deals

 So as you’ve quickly established from the aforementioned steps, there’s a fair few different codes, vouchers, coupons and other offers. It’s easier than it looks. Try to use as many of the loyalty schemes, referrals, online coupons and more. You may be able to use some in conjunction with others, such as using My Favourite Voucher Codes whilst activating your Top Cashback privileges.

Keeping Track

 Keep track of competition, the latest deals and other benefits with email signups and competitions. You can stay posted with all of the latest available on this page as well as sign up for the newsletter on the right of the page. This will allow you to receive emails on unmissable discounts available online for free. It’s always worth joining some of these prizes and you will even get the opportunity to get some freebies.

There’s numerous ways to stay on track with money saving, competitions and coupons. Use this guide to couponing and comping to help you save your cash. You’ll be thrilled to discover how many options are available when dealing with your weekly food shop, clothes shopping, banking or insurance. Follow our steps and ensure a routine to your online shopping. Don’t miss the chance of My Favourite Voucher Codes, Top Cashback, Loyalty Points, Referral Schemes and Price Comparison.


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