Why Are There So Many Estate Agents in Bristol?

For this blog post, I thought I’d take a closer look at the Bristol property scene which I have seen go from strength to strength in recent years. For a city that isn’t that big in size, the property market in Bristol is absolutely thriving. In fact, it’s like every corner in Bristol is occupied by an estate agents (especially in the Clifton estate agents heartlands). Here’s why I think estate agents in Bristol are doing such great business right now…

Bristol is a great city for property investment

With a thriving business community and a growing student population, Bristol is a great place for property developers to come and make some money off their investments. With loads of tech and creative industries choosing Bristol (rather than London), the Temple Quarter Business Enterprise Zone bringing in new business to Bristol and two large universities (Bristol University and UWE) in the city, there’s no slowing the Bristol boom down! The current rental property market is especially lucrative in Bristol, offering investors great opportunities for making money.

Bristol often tops happiness and life satisfaction charts

Bristol is also a city full of happy and fulfilled people. Or that’s at least what recent media coverage will have you believe! Bristol regularly performs well in life satisfaction and happiness charts, which draws in curious house-buyers and investors. For people who are fed up of where they live, or are just curious adventurers searching for the ideal work-life balance, this sort of Bristol PR is a great reason for them to come and see what Bristol has to offer instead…

Bristol’s relationship with London

Bristol has a unique relationship with our capital city. Close enough to London to still be a viable business partner, Bristol is still far and unique enough to act as a solid counterpoint to London. Many businesses open up their second UK offices outside of London in Bristol, and Bristol offices can act as a bit of a gateway for businesses looking to invest in the rest of the West. With the planned completion of the high speed rail link between Bristol and London in 2018 the relationship between the two cities is destined to become even closer. In the future, Bristol might even become part of the London commuter belt thanks to increasingly competitive and practical transport solutions. And in the UK property market, increased proximity to London means an increase in property investment.

Bristol attracts a young crowd

Because of the universities and the exciting industries springing up in the city, Bristol is in the happy position of attracting young people to the city. This younger Bristol demographic are then likelier to settle in the city and eventually buy family homes. With tonnes of great schools in Bristol, it’s a great place to raise a young family. Though there can a be a bit of a shortage of affordable family homes in central Bristol, the suburbs are full of lovely family homes and many people choose to settle there when getting on to the property market.

Bristol has a lot going for it

Basically, Bristol is a great place to be. There’s a certain unique flavour to the city, its people and its history. It attracts passionate advocates and personalities to it, making it an attractive prospect for people looking to buy new property or settle into a new life.

What do you think makes your town or city special? Share your thoughts with me below!



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