Use colour to sell a property

Letting agents advise landlords to decorate rental properties in neutral tones, but colour can help homes sell quicker.

Every estate agent you approach will promise to maximise the value of each and every property they market for sale.

But very few will be able to tell you how long it takes to sell a flat or house. As London Bridge estate agent Williams Lynch explains, many factors dictate the time it takes to sell a residential property.

These include the type of property, the current market conditions, whether it is leasehold or freehold, whether there is a chain involved, whether the sale is to a cash buyer and even the time of year the property is launched on the market.

Property professionals acknowledge that freshly decorated homes sell quicker than those in a tatty condition.

Denham Rent Guarantee, for example, advises the owners of properties the firm manages to use lighter shades that reflect natural light and help a room feel larger.

Painting a room in a neutral colour, such as white, cream or beige, allows viewers to visualise how they would turn it into their home.

And when light colours are used in combination with the clever placement of mirrors and a source of natural light an average-size room can look much larger and more alive than it did before.

On the other hand, dark colours and highly-patterned wallpaper make it harder for potential buyers or tenants to envisage their own belongings in the room.

But that doesn’t mean the owners of luxury homes for sale need to ditch brighter shades completely. Colour psychology can subtly influence a property hunter’s emotional state, says Laurence Glynne, of central London estate agent LDG.

His firm has worked with an interior design company to dress flats in a heritage building in central London that had undergone extensive remodelling in order to reflect the lifestyle high-profile tenants would expect.

“We didn’t pull any punches,” said Laurence. “The accessories we selected for the kitchen gave the apartments added impact, while key pieces of furniture along with contrasting scatter cushions and co-ordinated artwork completed the look.”

He added: “By staging the apartments in this way, viewers were able to picture themselves living in these truly luxurious homes in the heart of Covent Garden.

What colour says about your home

White is the colour of purity, cleanliness, efficiency and reflection. But pure white can look cold and stark and is best reserved for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Red is the colour to use if you want to give a bedroom the wow factor. Red is associated with passion, energy and warmth, but it should be used sparingly to highlight a specific area of a room.

Blue is a shade that shouts out cool, quiet serenity. Painting a bathroom or bedroom in light blue shades creates a relaxing oasis that house hunters crave.

Yellow walls create a positive emotional state. But too much of this bright shade can be overpowering.

Green is the colour of nature and is best used in areas of the home where calm and relaxation is paramount. It works best in rooms with lots of natural light.




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