Looking after your rental property

‘It’s just a rental’

Letting landlords so often say the words “it’s just a rental, I’m not going to live in it”, but how much is this phrase costing them?

Popular Bristol Lettings Agent, Lets Rent advise:

If you maintain your property and put it on the market in the best possible condition, a few things will happen:

  • Your property will be occupied sooner
  • The property can enter the market at a higher price
  • Your tenants are likely to care for the house much more if you show you care for the property.

If you don’t look after your property – why should your tenants? Tenants who rent don’t mind renting a run-down property are less likely to look after the current condition.

Stains on the carpet and over grown gardens are one thing, leaving your property to get damp or wood to rot can cause much more expensive problems in future and can become a health and safety issue.


Redecorating tips

When redecorating Sarah Beaney, host of popular property development programme Property Ladder, hits the nail on the head each and every episode with the phrase, “it’s not what you want that matters, this is not going to be your home”.

Your prospective tenants may not share your love for a bright green bathroom or bright pink carpets throughout the house. You want your property to appeal to widest possible market, and 9 times out of 10, this means ‘Magnolia’ is your safest option.

Keep the décor neutral, people won’t necessary love it, but they won’t hate it either.


Your property is an asset, looking after it will only increase in value. Spending a couple of thousand doing it up can result in a healthy return on investment over years to come. A redecoration, a new kitchen and new bathroom can increase your property value substantially each month.



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